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Mindful Monday – Thanks/Giving

Thank You. Hummingbirds… for your Incomprehensible Iridescent Lightness Crows… for your Black Sharp Strength Seagulls… for your Brazen Cries Pelicans… for your Graceful Plunges Swallows… for your Lightning Fast Flight Robins… for your Springtime Simplicity Hawks… for your Majesty and Grace Cardinals… for your Red Crest on a Stark Winter Branch Rock Doves… for your … Continue reading


In honor of apple season, Elephant Belly invites you to find the most beautiful apple available, and take the time to eat it, bite by bite, without distraction. No TV, computer, iPad or smart phone, no conversation, or attending to children or pets. No walking, talking or waiting for the subway. Find a quiet outdoor … Continue reading