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Big Thanks to the Belly Roll

My post Thanksgiving yoga practice brought my awareness to the result of several days of overindulging in vegan desserts. Of course I ate them, after all, my non-vegan Mom had gone out of her way to research and lovingly prepare both a vegan apple crisp and a vegan pumpkin pie. I noticed the sugar high … Continue reading


In honor of apple season, Elephant Belly invites you to find the most beautiful apple available, and take the time to eat it, bite by bite, without distraction. No TV, computer, iPad or smart phone, no conversation, or attending to children or pets. No walking, talking or waiting for the subway. Find a quiet outdoor … Continue reading


We love the growing campaign for Meatless Mondays that has swept the country. And we want to up the ante. Elephant Belly would like to see your Meatless Monday and raise you a three egg omelette, a grilled cheese sandwich, an ice cream cone and a glass of milk. You don’t have to take our … Continue reading