Personal Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Alicia Leeds Meyers is a Healthy Lifestyle Coach who Walks the Talk and helps her clients uncover their path to a healthy lifestyle. She is dedicated to the health and well being of her clients, offering them 13 years of coaching experience as well as the most current research in the field of health, wellness and nutrition.

She began her career as a behavioral health educator with Health Management Resources, the number one recommended medical weight loss program in the country. After five years working for a hospital based program in the Boston area, she opened her own weight loss clinic which operated until 2009.

For the last few years Alicia has shifted her coaching model, using her years of training to create programs for individuals and small groups which address specific goals, needs and challenges. Her clients include people who want to lose weight and learn to eat more healthfully, as well as those who struggle with eating disorders searching for a way to make peace with food.

Alicia coaches moms who not only want to lose that stubborn ten pounds, but who also want to learn to make  healthy food choices for their families. Athletes and yogis seek her coaching to help them optimize their nutrition and meet the demands of their physical and spiritual endeavors.

If you have decided to evolve your food choices to align with your values around animal rights or protecting the environment, or if you seek to widen your circle of compassion, Alicia can help you navigate the shift to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. If you are interested in learning how food is your best medicine for treating chronic disease and restoring vibrant health, or if you just want to fit into your skinny jeans, she can help you do that, too.

Please reach out to schedule a free consultation and see if Personal Coaching is right for you.






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