Gram’s (VEGAN) Chocolate Cake

This is a family favorite that I adapted:

Rian's Bday, Cold Spring Home of Alicia and Leslie Meyers; 7/4/2013

You Will Need:

2C Organic White Flour                          8T Melted Vegan Butter (Earth Balance)
2C Organic Sugar                                      2C Lukewarm Water
1C Organic Cocoa Powder                      2t Baking Soda
1t Salt                                                            1t Vanilla
2 Egg Substitutes

Dissolve Baking Soda in Water and set aside. Mix dry ingredients. Add Vegan Butter, Vanilla, Egg Substitute and Water with Baking Soda. Mix Well.

Pour into Cupcake tins or Cake pans. Bake at 350 until knife comes out clean.

Frosting is completely optional – I make a simple vegan butter and vanilla with organic powdered sugar – but you can sprinkle the cake with powdered sugar and call it a day.

Freezes well and – tastes better on day #2.

Thanks, Gram!


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