Big Thanks to the Belly Roll

My post Thanksgiving yoga practice brought my awareness to the result of several days of overindulging in vegan desserts.

Of course I ate them, after all, my non-vegan Mom had gone out of her way to research and lovingly prepare both a vegan apple crisp and a vegan pumpkin pie. I noticed the sugar high as I was eating them, especially the pie, and was mildly alarmed about how long it took me to come back to earth. That said, I never met a vegan dessert I didn’t want to eat and these were no exception.

So back to the mat. Doing some warm up cat and cow spinal stretches and a child”s pose or two. Feels good to be back in my body after a long weekend sitting around chatting and crocheting scarves to donate to the local church scarf and hat tree. Several sun salutations work out the kinks and I feel more open in my body. Good to be back.

Gratitude for the Body

Big Thanks to The Belly Roll

On the floor again for forward folds when its clear to me where the apple crisp and pie have taken up residence. A little belly roll that wasn’t there last week.

I am ready to hear the  “oh I shouldn’t have” record. That’s the one with the tired old “time to fight with my body” bassline. That’s the one with the catchy chorus that goes “why did I eat that? never never never never gonna do that again”. That’s the one that gets stuck in my head, my personal 1980’s tune, bad hair and all.

But instead a miracle happens. I attribute this miracle to the practice of gratitude. My daily, mindful appreciation of the abundance of gifts my life has offered. The cultivation of joy and contentment that comes with two simple words “Thank You”. And on the backside of this Thanksgiving Holiday, where I have been so grateful for this year’s overabundance, Big Thanks to The Belly Roll happens instead.

Big Thanks to my body for doing exactly what it is supposed to do in times of abundance. Big Thanks to my body for saving those extra calories for me in case I am faced with starvation. Big Thanks to my body for showing up on the mat, remembering how to practice. Big Thanks to my body for accepting the Divine spirit that breathes me each day. Big Thanks to the Belly Roll for reminding me I am alive, adaptable, strong and determined to thrive no matter what life throws my way.

I am so grateful to this body that teaches me the very important lesson of how much is enough. It teaches me how to choose well. When I am quiet enough to listen, everything I need to know is right here.

A great Big Thanks for that.


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