Mindful Monday – Thanks/Giving

Thank You.

Hummingbirds… for your Incomprehensible Iridescent Lightness

Mindful Mondays - Thanks/Giving

Mindful Mondays Thanks/Giving to all those wild feathered beings who grace our lives with their own…

Crows… for your Black Sharp Strength

Seagulls… for your Brazen Cries

Pelicans… for your Graceful Plunges

Swallows… for your Lightning Fast Flight

Robins… for your Springtime Simplicity

Hawks… for your Majesty and Grace

Cardinals… for your Red Crest on a Stark Winter Branch

Rock Doves… for your Companionship in an Urban Landscape

Owls… for your Mystery and Devotion

Thank you to all the Flying Beings Wild and Free, who Honor Us with their passing overhead, who Grace our Lives with Song and Beauty

A Special Thank You, Pheasants, Cornish Hens, Ducks and Geese, and Roosters, Chickens and Turkeys for all your Long Suffering…

May We Work to Expand the Circle of Our Compassion.

On Mindful Mondays we ask you to join us in our quest for a Healthy Non Violent World  – Give Thanks by taking all meat, dairy and eggs off the menu.


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